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Treasure Coast Audiology is dedicated to helping people who suffer from hearing loss and who are seeking to improve their quality of life through better hearing. Dr. Heather Hackney, audiologist and owner of Treasure Coast Audiology, presents her patients with the very latest in hearing aid technology and information concerning options for those individuals with hearing loss. Just as every patient has unique needs, Dr. Hackney carefully evaluates hearing loss, style, product characteristics, budget and lifestyle to provide the best available product and programming for your needs.

Hearing loss can occur at any age and in a broad range of degrees. Most commonly, hearing loss is due to "nerve deafness" (sensorineural hearing loss). according to the National Institute of Health, statistics indicate that around 15% of American adults (approximately 32.5 million people) suffer from some degree of hearing loss. For older Americans, aged 65-74, this rate increases to 33% and, for Americans aged 75 and over, the rate jumps to 47%. Individuals who suffer from hearing loss, on the average, tend to wait several years between their initial diagnosis of hearing loss and their first purchase of a hearing aid. Hearing aids can benefit many patients diagnosed with hearing loss. However, only 20% of people who have hearing aids actually wear them, because they are dissatisfied in some way with the fit, sound, or appearance.

Treasure Coast Audiology will work closely with every patient to ensure that each individual is matched with the absolute best hearing aid for their special hearing needs. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our hearing aid patients. If you suspect you may be suffering from hearing loss, come have your hearing tested and talk with Dr. Hackney about solutions for your individual needs. We really want you to hear better!