Hearing Aid Evaluation

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Once the diagnostic testing has been completed the results will be discussed with you. If a medical condition is identified, you will be referred to a physician. If no medical condition is identified and your hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids, a hearing aid evaluation will be done. Treating your hearing like the treasure it is isn’t just our slogan, it’s what we truly believe and is how we approach every client’s hearing who comes to our practice. Since everyone’s hearing profile is different, we offer a variety of different hearing aids. The audiologist will also discuss with you your lifestyle and the type of circuit that you would benefit from. 

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    Different Styles of Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids come in various styles, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Explore these options to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle:
    Grey Phonak hearing aid

    Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

    The BTE hearing aid style sits behind the ear and is connected to a custom-molded earpiece. This style is versatile and suitable for all types of hearing loss.
    Pair of black ITE hearing aids

    In-the-Ear (ITE)

    ITE hearing aids are custom molded to fit inside the ear. They are available in different sizes and are less visible than BTE models.
    Phonak CIC hearing aid

    In-the-Canal (ITC) and Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

    ITC and CIC hearing aids are discreet and fit partially or completely inside the ear canal. They offer cosmetic appeal but may have limited features.
    Silver Phonak BTE hearing aid

    Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) and Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE)

    RIC and RITE hearing aids are similar to BTE but have a smaller receiver placed inside the ear canal. They provide excellent sound quality and comfort.
    Woman with BTE hearing aid adjusting on smart phone app

    Key Features to Consider

    When choosing your hearing aid, it's crucial to consider the following features to match your lifestyle and hearing needs:

    Most hearing aid manufactures will provide several technology levels to match your lifestyle and budget. The levels include Premium, Advanced, Standard and Basic. The audiologist will review the technology levels and what they have to offer keeping in mind your lifestyle whether quiet or active. At Treasure Coast Audiology we offer all major manufacturers: Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Signia, Starkey, Unitron and Widex. 

    Once the hearing aids have been received from the manufacturer and checked that they are functioning appropriately, you will be called for a hearing aid fitting appointment. At this appointment the hearing aids will be programmed to your hearing profile and adjusted in the office. The care and use of the hearing aids will be discussed. You will have the option to have the hearing aids Bluetoothed to the manufacturer’s APP and the hearing aids connected to your cell phone. How to clean the hearing aids will be demonstrated as well. To verify the programming of the hearing aids speech mapping is performed. 
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    What is Live Speech Mapping?

    Live speech mapping is a precise hearing aid verification method designed to ensure that your hearing aids are customized to your unique needs. During your appointment, small microphones are inserted into your ear canal, capturing the response of the hearing aids in real time. This process takes into account the individual characteristics of your ear and hearing loss. To make the experience even more engaging, we encourage you to bring a family member or close friend who will act as the “gauge” for your ability to hear live voices.

    At Treasure Coast Audiology, we employ state-of-the-art equipment that enables you to “see” what you are hearing through your hearing aids on a screen, providing real-time feedback. This allows both you and your family to witness the adjustments and actively participate in the process. The visual aspect helps you comprehend the transformative impact of the hearing aids on your ability to hear.

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    Understanding Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids have come a long way in providing improved hearing and quality of life for individuals with hearing loss. Understanding the various styles, features, and accessories available is essential for selecting the right hearing aid that suits your needs and preferences.

    Don't let hearing loss hold you back. Explore the world of hearing aids and regain your ability to connect with the sounds and voices around you. For personalized advice and to explore the latest hearing aid options, contact us today. Our team is here for you and remember, we treat your hearing like the treasure it is. 

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    Patient Testimonials

    Robert Stoll
    Robert Stoll
    I took my stepfather there gor his appointment to get his and he was able to get in early.
    Jim Herdeman
    Jim Herdeman
    Dr. Hackney and her staff are outstanding!! She’s worked with me for > 5 years and has provided stellar support, service, and help. If you need assistance in dealing with hearing loss, GO SEE HER AND HER TEAM!
    Barbara Hazard
    Barbara Hazard
    I have rather serious hearing loss, which presents a challenge to any audiologist trying to fit me with hearing aids. I’ve been going to Dr. Hackney now for many years and simply cannot speak highly enough of her tireless efforts, and success, in helping me achieve the best hearing possible. I have, and continue to, highly recommend Dr. Hackney and her staff.
    Dr. Hackney and her assistant Heather have worked with my family members, my husband and many friends and we have all found them warm, friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. We have always been able to get help when we call whether it be a quick reset or a factory return. We cannot say enough about the quality of service we all have received from Dr. Hackney at Treasure Coast Audiology. We highly recommend them for all your hearing needs!
    E Scott
    E Scott
    I lost hearing early in life and have seen plenty of audiologists over the past 25 years. Dr. Hackney has been great - I've been very pleased with the hearing aids and service she's provided. In addition, Dr. Hackney's staff are truly a pleasure. They're remarkably warm, engaging, professional, and efficient. It's over an hour drive for me to get to Treasure Coast Audiology, but it's worth it!
    Larry Green
    Larry Green
    Dr. Hackney has given me my hearing back! Her caring and patient disposition is amazing. Not only was the initial visit fabulous, whenever I have an issue, whether it be batteries or a quick adjustment, her office responds quickly and in a timely fashion. They usually are able to see me that day. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hackney to anyone in need of hearing devices. Dr. Hackney and her staff are wonderful and meet my every need as a hearing impaired client. THANK YOU.
    Lee Coons
    Lee Coons
    Absolutely the best!!! Dr. Hackney;s experience and insight led to diagnosis of a benign tumor on the acoustic nerve in my right ear. I will be forever indebted to her for her help. In addition to this, I received outstanding professional and courteous service in the fitting for state of the art hearing aids. It doesn't stop there, the follow up service by Dr. Hackney and Heather Snell was beyond my greatest expectations. Highly recommended, wonderful service by wonderful people.
    Marco Stiner
    Marco Stiner
    Unbelievable caring and service!! The two operators (both named "Heather"!) at Treasure Coast Audiology have been like sisters to me. when I needed a new hearing solution they were the ONLY Audiology group on the Treasure Coast to consider my situation and work with me to find a true solution. The other NINE calls I made simply wanted to sell me their most outrageously priced hearing aids and did not care what lie they had to tell me in order to get me through their door to close me. This includes Doctors, Franchise locations etc. I unconditionally recommend Heather Hackney, her expertise, caring and generosity.