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Note from the Owner

I wanted to take this opportunity to write a brief note to those of you with loved ones who have hearing loss. When I was an undergraduate at Mount Allison University, my father was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. The symptoms included attacks of vertigo (dizziness) and progressive hearing loss. In the process of determining the diagnosis, it was an audiologist who tested and confirmed that my father had Meniere's disease. It was at that time I was deciding what my next step in my education would be, so it was no surprise that I chose the profession of Audiology.

As my Dad's hearing has slowly deteriorated, I have watched his frustration of having difficulty hearing in noise and my mom's frustration of not being able to communicate with him. It has been my privilege to help my Dad with a hearing aid and see the difference it has made in his quality of life by doing something about hearing loss. In the last few years, my mother also developed unilateral hearing loss as well as vertigo. I now have the perspective of two parents with various hearing difficulties.

In my experience, the best results I have seen are with patients that accept their hearing loss and are willing to take steps to obtain help. I would urge anyone who suspects that they may have a hearing loss to make an appointment for a hearing test. The earlier the correct diagnosis is made the better the outcome. There have been significant advancements in hearing rehabilitation and with hearing aids in the last few years. With the ability of hearing aids to Bluetooth we are able to connect with many of the electronic devices we use every day which includes cell phones, computers, television, iPads and iPods. Do not hesitate to get the help you need.

Call me personally with any questions you may have.